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As an ashtanga practitioner myself, I strongly believe in the power of one-to-one teaching. Ashtanga was traditionally taught in this way through relationship between teacher and student (Guru-Shistra Paramapara). Indeed, Krishnamacharya and his disciples always stressed the importance of teaching yoga to the individual, adapting the practice to suit the body and mind in front of them.

Private or small group classes are an opportunity to receive this tailored support. I introduce private students to the ashtanga primary series in sections. This repetition and building allows the student to see progress in their practice and also to benefit from a solid routine they can practice individually at home. If you feel you would benefit from a one-to-one or small group lesson, please get in touch.

Initial telephone chat – a chance to discuss what you’re looking for: free

Individual hourly rate thereafter: £50
Small group rates depend on the size of the group

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